24 May 2013

Painting Progress

While all the technical things were being installed and hooked-up in the engineering spaces, work was progressing on Zonder Zorg's exterior painting. Earlier, the old paint had been removed from the roef and the surfaces were prepared and primed. We had chosen an ivory colour for the roef, for us a more pleasing and slightly warmer colour than the previous white.

The first finish coat was applied a few days ago.

For her hull beneath the rubbing strake, we chose a navy blue, and for the topsides we decided on a rich burgundy. We opted for these darker colours on the hull because the previous white too easily showed rust weepings. We thought that we could find better things to do than frequent cosmetic touch-ups.

The rubbing strake and the gunwale tops are in black. Our thinking here is that with these being the most commonly chipped, chafed and worn areas as the barge is manoeuvred in and out of canal locks, black would be the easiest colour to match and the simplest to apply without looking patchy.

Now that the initial colour coats are on, we are told that Zonder Zorg is being moved today to another shed for the application of the finish coats. We look forward to receiving photos of the finished project. We look even more forward to seeing it in person in ten days.

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