22 May 2013

Galley Countertops Installed

Some more photos have arrived from Harlingen. These show that the custom-made Marlan® countertop has been installed. Marlan® is a Dutch product that is non-porous, dirt repellent, stain resistant, hygienic and food safe. Unlike the Corian®, which we had in our sailboat, Sequitur, Marlan® is also flame resistant and has a high resistance to scratching.

We had initially wanted granite countertops in Zonder Zorg; however, once Klaas showed us samples and specifications for Marlan®, and explained the seamless fabrication and shaping, the decision to go with Marlan®, even though it is more expensive than granite, was easy. To coordinate with our iroco flooring, mahogany trim and the pale cream cabinetry and bulkheads, we chose the Himalaya Bronze colour.

This photo shows the galley sink nicely tucked beneath the countertop.

The cooktop is ready to nestle into its position above the convection/microwave oven. In his email, Klaas told us that the interior will be completed this week and the iroco flooring will be oiled next week. We are very excited to move aboard.

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