23 April 2013

Update From Friesland

We remain in Vancouver, patiently waiting as our one hundred and five year old Zonder Zorg undergoes her mid-life transformation. We have received some more photos showing the progress. Here, most of the old paint has been stripped from the roef.

The roef now appears to have been primed.

The iroco planks are stacked on the top, ready for the installation of our new floor.

Looking inside we see the tools and signs of much activity.

Trim has been tastefully added, leaving a very bright and clean-looking interior, without the ponderousness of too much wood. While we like wood, too much gives a boat interior a sombre, coffin-like feeling. We're still too young for that.

Some nice detailing has been added to the area around the settee. Here we see the vent on top of the central heating radiator along the aft bulkhead of the salon.

Here we see that the shower basin and floor in the heads have been poured. Although we have not received photos showing the galley, I am assuming that the countertops there were poured at the same time.

Surface preparation appears to be in progress for the exterior painting. Yesterday we were sent the following work schedule:
  • This week we are finished with the woodwork.
  • Next week we start the interior painting.
  • Next week we start the outside painting.
  • Techniek we try to finish by the end of May.
  • So I think you can come over the first week of June.
This is five weeks from now, one month later than we had initially planned, but we must remember it is a boat.

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