09 April 2013

Refit Update

We have received another bunch of photos of the progress with Zonder Zorg's refit. The first one shows a detail of the port forward corner of the galley and the bulkhead separating it with the heads. The line in the upper centre of the picture is the drain from the blackwater tank going through a very robust gate valve and thru-hull. Also shown are some of the electrical runs and copper plumbing from the hot water tank.

This shot shows that more of the freshwater plumbing has been installed, with runs for the dishwasher and the galley sink and continuing through the bulkhead for the shower, washbasin and toilet. Drains, traps, vents and valves are also in place.

This view shows two SaniVac systems, the one on the left under the galley sink and the other under the washbasin in the heads. Also in the photo are propane lines for the cooktop.

Here we see the installation of the galley cabinetry has commenced.

We are delighted with the larger side windows, and with their placement. The views while puttering in the galley will be wonderful.

Looking aft from the galley, we see that the construction of the salon settee is nearly complete. There appears to be huge storage space easily accessible beneath or behind the seat cushions.

The old rear window has been removed and it will be replaced with a new double-glazed version. Through the window is a crane hook and sling, lowering the engine into place for a fitting session and to more accurately map-out the remainder of the engine room. Klaas told me that the engine was then removed so that they could begin the installation of the other engineering components: generator, inverter, battery banks, furnace and hot water heater.

Zonder Zorg is scheduled to be hauled to the paint shop on 30 April and we are impatiently waiting for her to be ready again to play on the canals.

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