25 April 2013

The Floor Has Been Laid

We received another batch of photos this morning showing that Zonder Zorg's new iroco floor has been laid.

In this view, we see that the double-glazed windows have now been installed, but that the countertop in the galley has not.

This photo shows that the salon settee has been completed and that the galley cabinetry nearly so.

This view looking aft from the master's cabin shows the storage shelves beneath the starboard side deck. The sliding cupboard doors have been temporarily removed to ease the trim installation, which appears to have been completed.

The interior construction is nearly finished, and appears to be awaiting only the countertops, the gas cooktop, the sinks in the galley and heads, the lighting fixtures, the upholstery, the salon table and the new accommodation ladder. We are impatiently waiting for further updates and counting-down the weeks before we return to Zonder Zorg. Only five to go.

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