27 December 2013

New Book

For the past couple of months I have been very busy writing a new book. The electronic proofs arrived this morning from the publisher. The book looks good, but I will wait for the hard copy of the proof to arrive in the next few days before I give the final approval for printing. If all is well, it should be off the presses first week of January and available on Amazon and in book stores. Here's a look at the cover.

The book is 350 pages in a 7" X 10" format, with about 950 photographs, images and maps. Here are a couple of spreads from the earlier chapters.

Here's another spread to give a flavour of the 250 or so pages on the day-to-day adventure of cruising.

Here's one more sample spread. While the book focuses on our boating adventures during the past year and a half, it draws on the skills, knowledge, experience and insights gained during my five decades of boating.

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog. I was interested how your ship was kitted out, and just read all of it. nice writing.
    As a minor side comment: In Dutch law it's not allowed to have the flag touch the water.
    Enjoy your next season!