08 March 2013

Work is Progressing

We have received more photos on the progress of the work on Zonder Zorg. Last week we saw that the subfloor had been completed, the interior electrical wiring had been run, the ceiling had been installed, the insulation and vapour-barrier was in place and the interior sheathing battens were fitted.

Yesterday we got another batch of progress photos. One shows that the new mahogany window frames had been installed into the roef.

Another  view shows that the interior sheathing is being installed.

Work is also obviously progressing in the engineering spaces, with what appears to be plumbing parts for the hot water system, which will incorporate waste heat from the engine and generator as well as input from the diesel furnace and from an electrical coil. We are pleased with the apparent progress.

Meanwhile, Edi and I are impatiently waiting in Vancouver, chomping at the bit to head back over to Friesland to continue enjoying Zonder Zorg. As a diversion, Edi has started a new blog: http://lifeofzonderzorg.blogspot.ca/

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