30 March 2013

Progress on Many Fronts

We have again received photos showing the progress of work on Zonder Zorg. The first one gives a general view of the interior looking aft through the framing for the bulkhead between the galley and the heads.

Looking aft, we can see that the bulkhead between the heads and the master's cabin has also been framed, and beside the worker's head, we catch a glimpse of the toilet.

This has been mounted on the bulkhead and we see beside it the Saniflo, the automatic pump, which will take the wastes to the blackwater tank. Marine toilets have certainly come a long way from the days of clunky fixtures, hand pumps and the attendant complexity of levers, valves and clogs.

Further forward, in the master's cabin, we see some finishing details, with a set of shelves installed in the kick under the foredeck, just aft of the mast step. To port, the space has been nearly completed for the installation of the washer and dryer. To starboard is the access to the former crew accommodation, the large space under the foredeck.

Here, in what we will be using primarily as storage, we have decided to leave the original woodwork. It appears that the workers have built a box to house the additional freshwater tank.

Moving aft into the salon, we see that the sliding doors have been installed to enclose the shelving under the side decks. The window frames have been removed, and we assume that this is to have their double-glazing installed.

The hot water radiators for the heating system are being installed.

The framing of the salon settee has begun. The interior work appears to be progressing well, and with a little over four weeks to go to the end of April, it appears that it is on schedule. Boating again in early May seems a distinct possibility.

There has also been progress on other fronts. Last evening I completed the second editing of my book: Sequitur - to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style. It is a big book, 680 pages formatted on 8½ by 11 inch paper with the 312,860 words illustrated by 2422 colour photographs, maps and drawings. I have now begun the final proofreading, and will begin discussing the fine details with the publisher next week.

Also, Edi has begun a blog, posting a daily photo with caption: A Day in the Life of Zonder Zorg
Her aim is to illustrate the day-to-day happenings as we move into and enjoy the next phase in our lives, canal boating in Europe.

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